The Ultimate Sales Machine

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    [Virtual Workshop] Learn from more than 30 Experts

    Join 30+ experts from top tech companies as they teach the latest strategies in account-based sales, marketing and customer success. Developed to encompass the whole account-based business model while thoughtfully encompassing each department's role, this event has been broken into four modules: account-based sales, sales development, marketing and customer success. This virtual workshop will consist of a rapid-fire series of online presentations all on one-day, Thursday, February 2nd ( The event will be comp ..
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    Get the Sales Playbooks of 19 Successful Sales Experts Who Grew Multi-Million Dollar Companies

    CHI's CEO, Amanda Holmes, is speaking at an awesome upcoming event! Inbound Sales Day is a free one-day event on September 14th, 2016 presenting over six hours of educational material from 19 sales professionals who've demonstrated a successful track record in sales. These aren't just speakers who preach, but people who've been in the trenches and helped build multi-million dollar companies. Here's what you can expect from attending Inbound Sales Day: 1. Actionable information to grow your sales- Inbound Sales Day isn't about fluff. Our sessions will be packed with actiona ..
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    Reducing Stress and Burnout Leads to Ultimate Small Business Success

    Nearly every job is stressful at certain times. Whether it's meeting tight deadlines, creating dynamic presentations or dealing with unruly customers or employees, workers experience stress in a number of ways. For small businesses, stress is a common occurrence among owners and staff members. Enterprises often lack the resources and capabilities of their larger counterparts, and therefore have to handle many tasks at once rather than delegating them to certain departments or outsourcing them to other companies. This causes stress levels to rise and can eventually lead to ow ..
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    Pick Your Poison - Find Focus Amidst All the Marketing Channels

    It’s easy to get bogged down by all the marketing and advertising options out there. So based on my experience testing and crafting marketing plans for companies big and small, the best course is to zero in on the ways to see the biggest impact ( for the lowest initial investment (to first prove results). This means sorting through which tactics to take on, and which to leave for another day. Let’s take a peek at some of them first. There are hundreds of social media channels including th ..