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POPT 6.0


Are you tired of wasting time and money wading through and hiring the wrong candidates? This personality assessment is used to help you find more qualified, more competent and more successful sales people for your organization both quickly and easily.

Used in conjunction with the techniques for hiring top producers that Chet Holmes teaches, this assessment will save and MAKE your company a lot of money (while it saves you a ton of time and aggravation). All for the laughably low price of just $48.

The Personal Orientation Profile (POPT) is a state-of-the-art psychometric tool that has been shown to be highly effective in identifying and selecting individuals who would thrive in highly competitive environments such as sales. The Personal Orientation Profile (POPT) has been used extensively throughout North America and in other parts of the world to discover the self managers who will be consistent top performers.


  • Identifies potential for highly competitive sales positions
  • Improves retention (both saving and making you money)
  • Is objective, comprehensive and thoroughly validated
  • Can be customized for your organization
  • Is available via the web or via paper/pencil
  • Can be scored at your office or ours
  • Provides coaching and development suggestions for management
  • Provides valuable individual feedback for professional growth

The POPT is a personality profile which was developed in the late 1970's using advanced statistical methods. It was designed to measure the traits that make individuals successful in competitive environments. It has been under constant development ever since and is now widely used throughout North America and other parts of the world in its latest version.

It is the ultimate "overachiever" finder for the sales profession.

It is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive financial services sales forces.

The POPT is used for:

  • identifying and recruiting the highest potential sales representatives and consultants
  • identifying self managers who will develop into sales leaders
  • helping candidates and managers make informed career decisions
  • identifying strengths and building on them
  • coaching and developing individuals for competitive selling and WINNING
  • building specific profiles for specific sales careers
  • building specific profiles for specific sales and business cultures

Profiling for Performance and Retention in Competitive Sales

The POPT has an enviable record as an important part of selecting individuals who will be top performers and survive in highly competitive sales environments. A significant number of North America's most successful competitive sales management teams use the POPT as an integral part of their selection process.

The POPT has become the industry standard in much of the financial services sector because of its demonstrated predictive capabilities and its ability to identify the characteristics associated with strong sales performance. In addition, the POPT has been shown to improve retention significantly in sales cultures with high turnover.

Interpretation of the POP T

The POPT measures 8 separate character traits which include both the powerful and neutralizing aspects of personality. This allows for the formation of a profile which can be compared to norms for competitive selling. The profile created provides very useful information about the individuals fit to competitive sales.

In addition, the POPT measures self confidence and the individual's attitudes about prospecting, managing rejection and handling call reluctance. Some versions of the POPT also measure the individual's approach to managing his/her lifestyle effectively.

All these factors are presented in an easy to interpret fashion with selection questions and coaching suggestions included.

The Science of Normative Profiling

The POPT is a personal profiling instrument that has been used to profile and track the careers of over a million people active or seeking employment in competitive sales careers such as financial services, automotive sales, real estate, heavy equipment, beverages, security systems and many other sales cultures.

With this quantity and quality of data, the POPT has been validated in many sales cultures and used to develop very predictive profiles for not only specific industries but specific companies and even specific management cultures.

The generic POPT allows your company immediate use of our insight into competitive selling with the option of building the right profile for your company through the ongoing validation process. You will not be disappointed!

Isn't that all worth $48?

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