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Core Story™
by Empire Research Group®

In today's cutthroat business environment, what secrets do successful businesses have that 92% of failed businesses missed? Just how did these thriving businesses achieve a 2,600% higher success ratio than their competition?

What if you had access to a vehicle proven to strategically optimize your brand position? What if your company could produce results in these 4 key areas:

  1. Accelerate your organizational and industry credibility
  2. Open the door to unprecedented dream client access
  3. Generate the trust and rapport that are the passkeys to the land of deals that seem to close themselves
  4. Convert salespeople to experts status in building intense trust and rapport

This superior access vehicle is called the Core Story, created by Chet Holmes and developed by Empire Research Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chet Holmes International. The Core Story is the ultimate strategic positioning tool, combining the power of data, research and story to create a highly credible, audience targeted sales and marketing tool.

Empire is the official producer of the Chet Holmes Core Story.

Each member of our elite Core Story team – from the project manager and editor to the researcher – is a seasoned professional, hand-selected to provide the best possible match of skills and experience.

Break through the marketing clutter with trends and data that grab the attention of your target market.

Our market research gives businesses the winning edge to fight in today's competitive global marketplace. Empire Research Group packs market trends and research into a strategic and highly disseminated marketing analysis. All guessing games have met their match.

Though 79% of today's top executives say responding quickly to change is the only way to survive our current economic challenges, only 1 in 3 are even able to identify threats before they strike, much less proactively position their business for growth.

Prepare yourself and your company to compete to win.

  • Core Story Production Services: Strategize with the best and brightest minds trained by Chet Holmes himself to produce your own custom-built research driven marketing strategy. Position your brand far above today's massive advertising siege, utilizing the power of proprietary research and a team of strategic writers and research professionals.

    Every Core Story puts hundreds of thousands of dollars of research into your hands at a fraction of the price if purchased separately. The expertise really kicks in when our team of writers dissects and disseminates the information to strategically position a product or service to formulate the highly effective art-form of the Core Story.

  • Market Research: Fighting for a competitive edge in today's market without the benefit of market research is equivalent to a modern day pin the tail on the donkey...unfortunately there is no guarantee of who the donkey is or who the pin will hit. Market research is the map…the GPS…the compass…for businesses who want to expertly target their audiences buying motivators. Empire packages proprietary data to identify threats, trends, and opportunities to expertly target and formulate your Core Story stadium pitch and plot the course for business triumph.

CLICK HERE learn more about how market research and Chet's Core Story principals can help you identify trends that can grow your business start by receiving a free consultation with a Core Story expert.

We expanded our operations across the brands with 13 shops in DK, 20 boutiques in Germany and 65 In Norway and closed USD $200 million worth of contracts for the rest of the addition to the business we were already handling. I have just had..
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Dennis Lindberg, President Formio Sequoyah


Chet's programs are simple and easy to implement, but powerful. I worked on a project with Chet where sales increased by 700% in just two years. He's one smart Guerrilla and you will be too if you get his programs...
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Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:34 PM