Growth Coaching Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Becky provided me with one of the best ideas I have ever been given in business. Previously, when clients asked for information on my product I would send it to them and then try to get them to respond to my follow up. Becky suggested that, given my passion, presenting ability and complete understanding of my product, that I should deliver a webinar to the prospective client first. This would allow me to sell myself, build a relationship and provide compelling reasons for the prospect to buy. Since I have taken Becky's advice, my lead pipeline has tripled and I am closing more business as a result.

Mike Neill
Michael Neill & Associates

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how thankful we are for all of your input from guiding us through the BMS DVS's all the way to the Core Story. I know that we haven't completed everything yet, but it's on my heart to let you know how invaluable your analysis and instruction has been to our team. We are looking forward to you guiding us to the next level of transformation!

Nancie Brown
Nancie Brown & Associates, Inc.

Lyle Johnson will show you and your company how to make money. His strategic thinking, combined with an accountant’s approach to profits is rarely seen. Lyle makes it easy to make money. His friendly, approachable and confident style creates a comfortable atmosphere to easily learn complex issues.

Kevin Hogan 
Author of The Psychology of Persuasion and many other books 

Since you began working with me I have adjusted my attitude, approach, actions, ambitions and achievements...notice I got all "A"s... as a result of Chet Holmes International but specifically, Trisha Ahlman the person, the professional, the business coach and the friend. As a direct result of our collaboration Guaranteed Heating and Air has positioned itself to double sales to over $3,000,000 and turn a 6-8% profit in 2011. In the last month I have doubled my sales force and increased by 50% field technicians and vehicles. The 1st quarter of 2011 will bring additional sales personnel. But we are not stopping there. Our image is improved and employee moral much higher. I asked a new hire why he wanted to work with us, what attracted him to our company? He replied "your passion and vision for the company and its future, a growth plan filled with opportunity, and a system that embraces leadership...besides the usual health benefits and vehicle...LOL. Thank you for helping me. You are the best and I look forward to continuing our relationship. If you have any prospective clients that are thinking about hiring you as a coach, give them my name and number. I am absolutely positive they will be, as I am, lucky to have known you.

A.J. Marinari
Guaranteed Heating and Air

Val has helped coach our company in the past three months and we have been absolutely thrilled with her knowledge of business, marketing, and innovation. We have been specifically impressed with the results we have generated by implementing her coaching advice and ideas. In these first three months of coaching with Val, we have implemented many things that have improved our business dramatically, however, with just two of her ideas we have generated enough revenue to pay for her coaching fees for 2 years. I cannot even imagine what results we will be getting after Val has helped us for 12 months and more. Thanks Val for not only knowing your stuff, but delivering value way beyond what you ask in return.

Brent Attaway
Kristi Approved, Inc.

Dr. Jon Sarver's coaching has been an invaluable addition to our executive staff. His insightfulness to our real issues, tactfulness in dealing with our issues and guidance on taking us to the next level is invaluable. I look forward to having Dr. Sarver be a part of our team for a long time.

Craig Rabe
The Computer Cafe

There are several things Becky Castro from the coaching division at CHI helped me to accomplish: Time management strategies, my 3P's notebook, working "on" not "in" my business, and a new way of organizing my employees. I have 4 businesses (the main one is: and without Becky's help, I'd still be bombarded as I've been the point person for all of the employees. After restructuring who reported to whom, completing new hires and new job descriptions, we proceeded to work on my 3P's (planning, procedures and policies). All of the time I spent on restructuring my foundation has allowed me to carve out 1 hour per week to work "on" my business instead of continually working "in" my business, and of course that is the ticket to my continued success.

Bruce Rohde, Owner
Bruno's Hub Supper Club 
Burtrum, MN

Alex Nottingham is a superlative business mastery coach. In this role, and is a fairly short period of time working with me as the CEO, he has helped reorient my business to develop sound, proven methods for business growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex to any CEO who wants his or her business to take the next step forward.

Dennis Devlin
Consumer Clarity

Since our company made the decision to engage Chet Holmes in our sales and marketing plans, Kim Snyder has coached us through the process. Kim has excelled in this process, and has proven to be a valuable part of our team as we re-organize our sales and marketing.

Covenant Eyes invented the industry of Internet Accountability, and as such, marketing and sales have always been a challenge. However, Kim embraced the challenge, and with remarkable acuity and efficiency developed an in-depth working knowledge of our products, our culture, our strengths, and our weaknesses. She quickly helped us see the potential of using our existing products to upsell to our current members/clients, in a way that benefits our members while providing needed revenue (approximately 5 million in 2010). At the same time, our company has a culture of high integrity, with concern for relationships among our members and employees; Kim grasped that immediately, and every recommendation she has made has been passed through the filter of our culture. Kim helped us assess our strengths, and we have been building on those strengths, but she also has helped us have a clear vision of our weaknesses. Some of our weaknesses are things that we have been able to work on, with her help. Others, such as current lack of enough capital to do everything we would like to do, cannot be changed immediately - but very much to Kim's credit, she has even held us back on certain things that sound good, or might be beneficial in the future, but which would actually hamper our growth because of our weaknesses. As much as we would like to do everything all at once, Kim has cautioned us as necessary, to avoid burnout or a crash landing.

All in all, Kim Snyder's coaching has been a valuable asset to our company, and we look forward to continuing our relationship. I would personally, as well as on behalf of Covenant Eyes, highly recommend her services to any company willing to grow.

Ronald J. DeHaas
President, Covenant Eyes, Inc.

Since you began working with me I have adjusted my attitude, approach, actions, ambitions and achievements...notice I got all "A"s... as a result of Chet Holmes International but specifically, Trisha Ahlman the person, the professional, the business coach and the friend. As a direct result of our collaboration Guaranteed Heating and Air has positioned itself to double sales to over $3,000,000 and turn a 6-8% profit in 2011. In the last month I have doubled my sales force and increased by 50% field technicians and vehicles. The 1st quarter of 2011 will bring additional sales personnel. But we are not stopping there. Our image is improved and employee moral much higher. I asked a new hire why he wanted to work with us, what attracted him to our company? He replied "your passion and vision for the company and its future, a growth plan filled with opportunity, and a system that embraces leadership...besides the usual health benefits and vehicle"...OOL. Thank you for helping me. You are the best and I look forward to continuing our relationship. If you have any prospective clients that are thinking about hiring you as a coach, give them my name and number. I am absolutely positive they will be, as I am, lucky to have known you.

A.J. Marinari
Guaranteed Heating and Air

I worked with Mr. Castiglia weekly over the past year as my company made the transition from a "work from home" organization of 6 FTE and 6 contractors to an office based culture of more than 30 FTE's. Without my weekly sessions I am certain we would be half the size with twice the growing pains.

Having Jim as a sounding board and 'task master' helped give me and my staff the energy and ideas to push thru some difficult situations as well as expand our strategies - all due to his assistance in guiding us to prepare well thought out plans which were created and executed in less time.

Rich Batenburg, CEO
BATMANN Consulting
Denver, CO

Becky Castro and CHI have been an integral part of establishing Teen Safety Online ( I came to CHI with a dream; and I have had the pleasure of working with Becky as my coach. With her guidance we were able to establish a business structure and marketing strategies in just a few months. It would have taken 6-8 months to gather all the information, assessment, and direction without her.

I've never felt more organized, focused or productive in a new venture.

Becky pushes me to expand my marketing thoughts and business possibilities. She is intuitive, resourceful and has a keen sense for business development. The breadth and depth of her experience is evident in every meeting. As our business grows implementing CHI strategies and concepts I can see where her experience will be even more valuable. As always, I look forward to my next coaching session with Becky.

Mary Van Dorn, CEO
Teen Safety Online

I was at a low point in my business and was feeling quite depressed at the subversion and defection of two key sales people that took place at our company the prior month. After the first few sessions where you probed to know our business, I began to use our sessions as an opportunity to complain about how bad things were. You told me to quit complaining and get to work. I thought to myself who is this "punk" telling me to quit complaining? If I wanted to pay him to listen to me complain, what's wrong with that? You would have none of this and explained that you were here to help get my company back on a growth track.

Week by week we dissected each area of the company and made improvements in all areas. The area that we spent the most time on was rebuilding our sales force who recruited active duty military for enrollment in our technical training programs. We also rebuilt our reputation on each of the military bases throughout Southern California by setting up a program that gives back to our military by offering them free access to paid one day jobs in the communities they serve in. This service has elevated our stature within the military community, and we have won over the "hearts and minds" of the all the key players in the military community. You can look at this site at this URL:

Most importantly, in each month we worked together, our sales increased from 9 to 14% each month, and we are now on track to have a very profitable year. One of the most important operational changes we made was to implement weekly staff meetings. I resisted this initially due to my many years of attending untold numbers of non-productive meetings at a major Fortune 50 company. You taught me how to hold productive meetings that held everyone accountable. This single change has literally energized our company and the staff tells me that this meeting is the highlight of their week. I could never imagine a meeting being the highlight of anybody's' week! A funny thing happened on the way to the weekly meetings. I began to enjoy them also and put more effort into each and every meeting. We now use these meetings to check on each other's progress as a team and to teach and educate ourselves to become better team players, managers, and human beings.

A couple of weeks ago, our School went through a grueling re-accreditation process where a team of educational experts spends a week inspecting all aspects of our business as it relates to our Standards of Accreditation. One of the positive comments that came out of this process was a 100% satisfaction rating from our staff as well as our students on how they feel about working for or attending our school. The review team told us they had never seen as high a satisfaction rating as we had achieved. I attribute this to our weekly meetings!

Jim thanks for shining a light in all my dark places. We see the light and are on a journey to the top of the mountain.

Chuck Emanuele
California Career Schools

At some point along the way in business, you've made all the large breakthroughs you're going to make on your own - without a great coach. When that time comes, you may need a small nudge - you'll get explosive results. In my case, I coach businesses on how to optimize and systemize their approach and their marketing - while building a foundation of inspiration. Imagine my surprise when I started working withmy coach Trisha from CHI. The advice I was giving was working great, but it was time to take some advice too. She immediately got down to the critical work, asking tough, thought provoking questions to reveal the steps I needed to take for my own business. The little steps, not the big ones. Some steps I knew, but had avoided for years! She's direct, brutally focused and knows what it means to identify the hard work you need to do to create quick wins! Then, she pushes, pulls and inspires you through taking the steps you know you must take! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! From me, my family and my current and future clients. You are my coach!

Nate Lindquist
Innerspire, LLC
Enlightened Brand Builders

Jim and CHI has been great to work with. As a coach, Jim's straight forward no nonsense approach really works well for me. He has continuously helped me fine tune my leadership skills, held myself as well as some key employees accountable in several areas, been a great person to bounce ideas off of and provided direction when I was bit lost. Jim and CHI have brought our management team together and has got everyone on the same page about marketing, that alone has increased revenue 25%. I look forward to learning more from CHI and Jims' knowledge and experience.

Matt Engel
Cabrillo Hoist

Sean holds me accountable to the vision of leadership I have for myself and recently he gave me a simple referral idea and strategy that within 30 days generated $980,000 gross income to our construction business at a time when we really needed it. The Chet Holmes approach is steadily reshaping our business during a very tough market.

Ames Barnett
Barnett Southern Corporation

I hired CHI and my coach, Becky Castro to increase sales and shorten our sales cycle (

Early on, Becky Castro asked me a question that completely shook me up.

In our CRM module as part of the ERP software we commercialize for service providers, we kept track of all notes and actions related to outgoing quotations. When Becky asked us information about lead conversion, we realized that we had no information at hand about leads for which no quotations were yet made. Also it was difficult to predict when and how many sales would be closed within specific time periods without going through all notes and actions related to quotations. Especially for a Sales Manager, this is not a very efficient way to follow up his sales team.

Becky's "simple" question challenged us to rethink our CRM module completely.

As a result of this question, combined with all her tying in CHI's concepts about setting up multiple sales channels, the goals of each step in the sales process, we managed to integrate the full sales process, starting from leads till closure or lost, so that all pertinent sales information could be obtained in seconds flat (3 clicks) as well as being more strategic about the objectives in each step of the sales cycle.

The systems calculates itself, without any fields to be completed, in which stage of the sales cycle a certain lead is, and is now able to predict when and how many sales will be closed within specific time periods based on lead origin, status, and stage in the sales cycle.

Even more, the more leads that are in the system, the more precise this prediction becomes.

By investing in CHI and working with Becky to get me to look at the parts of my business that no owner can see themselves, we were able to review our CRM in just a matter of weeks, which has an immediate effect on our sales and the prioritisation of our leads.

Also our prospects and clients are very enthusiastic about this new way of handling the sales process in our CRM.

I can't see any reason why I would stop working with CHI and Becky in CHI's coaching division.

Rudi Mincke 
Managing Director - sr Business Analyst 
TEAM Solutions 
Brussels, Belgium

As you know our season has ended and another wonderful Chicago winter quickly approaches. I have spent the last few weeks closing up shop and reviewing the past few years since the economies collapse. I have seen my industry decimated over the last few years; many of my competitors are gone, as are my vendors. As you know the year the crisis started, our annual sales were cut in half, and nearly bankrupted us. This was around the time we met. I recall learning about Chet and purchased the BMG program, wow, which alone kept me sane, so when I had an opportunity to have you help me follow through I was willing to give it a shot. Definitely one of my better decisions, I guess what I just wanted to say is "Thank You", for all your guidance and support, you have provided to me over the last few years. I wanted to point out a few specific things we have accomplished;

  • Systems for everything! ( massive reduction in stress for me and large increase in measurable employee performance this directly created a decrees in client complaints)
  • Scripts for everything! ( wonderful tool for consistency and it's a lot easier than I would have thought)
  • Our "Aquatic Elite Program" created year round income for the first time in 25 years! (huge difference for cash flow)
  • A whole new niche market for next year! ( may prove to be the most profitable place to be as the economy improves)

We have accomplished a lot in 2 years, you helped me stay focused and on track and I appreciate that. I am really looking forward to starting our new marketing campaign for spring 2011.

I can't thank you enough for all you do.

Michael Adams
All American Pool Installation & Service Corp

I worked with my Becky, one of the senior coaches at CHI to help me hire a sales superstar. Of course, I could have done this myself following the guidelines that Chet set out in his book, but in retrospect I asked myself, "Would I have really followed through on the process?" Becky guided me to hire the best sales person, not the sales person with the most experience in my industry as I had previously hired. This was a stretch but the results were utterly fantastic. My sales manager learned the industry in a relatively short amount of time and he has become such an integral part of my company that this summer I was able to leave him in charge and go on vacation with my family for a couple of weeks without daily calls to the office. In fact, I didn't call in once.

Aaron West, President
Action Carpet and Cleaning Company

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the high level of professionalism, knowledge and coaching skills you have demonstrated. You are without a doubt making a difference in our business and I strongly believe that everything in Chet's program we are working on is going to increase our market share, and exposure resulting in success for our company. I can't imagine undertaking the task of re-marketing ourselves without your expert knowledge and assistance. Again thank you!!!

Rosana Burg,
Vice President, The Canvas Awning Co.Inc.

Through your business coaching process you helped my business put a business action plan together which has helped us focus heavily on what we are trying to achieve. You also helped us by giving us lots of ideas and proven methods, which we implemented with great results. We found your service to be first class and I will not hesitate to recommend you. Jim, thank you very much again.

Mac Attram,
Founder, Digitactive Ltd

Prior to investing in the Chet Holmes BGM 2.0 program, my experience with other self-improvement and business courses was that I would learn some good strategies, as well as, enjoy short term success. However, over time I would eventually stop implementing what I just learned. By working with my coach, Stephanie Vaughan, these last several months I have not only achieved immediate success, but I am now experiencing success on an on-going basis. Through the help of Stephanie and the coaching program I am actually implementing the teachings of Chet with pig-headed discipline. Several key projects that will help systematize our business, which would have never been completed or better yet even thought of prior to the coaching program, have been completed through Stephanie's holding me accountable by giving me weekly assignments and setting deadlines for them to be completed. Besides being very knowledgeable and insightful on how to implement Chet's material, Stephanie is also a great person to speak to and a pleasure to work with. Anyone who is truly serious about getting from zero to one hundred million should use the assistance of an great coach in order to implement Chet's proven material - which will get you there if you implement it with pig-headed discipline.

Richard Cawley,
United Multi-Family, Boston, MA

Thank you very much for your help in implementing the Chet Holmes system. I believe that the system has enough material that you could be using it for years and years. Thanks to your coaching I was able to implement several of the more important items. I have made a lot of progress since we began just a few short months ago and that is in large part a result of your coaching and positive attitude and pushing me a little farther. Thanks very much.

Brian Silvestry,
Real Estate Agent, Manhattan, NY

The coaching provided by Ellen Cahill was an asset to the Chet Holmes System. My main concern was our marketing approach and our employees. Ellen was able to direct me to the material within Chet's system to quickly address concerns and develop a plan to help me better run my business. Without the professional services of Ellen, I am sure that I would have not been able to get as much as I did from the program.

Marjorie Young,
Houston Scuba Academy

When you first approached me regarding business coaching, I'll admit I was skeptical. I believed I was sufficiently versed in business that I didn't need the consulting.

All that reversed on the initial consult. Over the past two months, I have rapidly accelerated my business learning curve and sped up the process of my desire to dominate the industry I'm in. I realized early on that my specialized company was like any other-a business requiring attention and detail-orientation. Your devotion to my cause has not only pointed me in the right direction but lifted my spirits, as well. With the former, I saw more opportunities to realize my goal; with the latter, I now feel total confidence about my endeavor and, I may have even grown a few inches! 

Thanks for your undiluted support,

Richard Hoyer,
The Brittle Liquid Shop

The method and approach to coaching used by the Chet Holmes organization has been very, very powerful. I run several businesses and am used to being coached, but I have been taken to a whole different level of performance by implementing specific strategies that have tangibly helped me to grow my core business. This is not about talk, but real decisive action steps.

Chris Igwe,
Chris Igwe International

Your coaching program has been a great help to our organization. It can be very difficult to stay focused on company goals and aspirations, while "working in the trenches". Your coaching program (you) has helped me to stay focused on the longer term goals and growth of this company while keeping the business running day to day. I would advise everyone involved in managing or running a business to add your coaching program to their organization. I would also advise any salesperson that is or desires to be a top performer to get involved with your business coaching.

Joseph J. Nazzaro,
Nazzaro Enterprises Texas, Inc.

He helps people understand going to the next level, he helps people understand the business world what it means to be a business person, what it means to be an ethical business person and what it means to build a team. I think businesses and individuals should hire Sean simply because he brings people to that next level.

Greg Olney,
Executive Fortune 100 Company

Sean is a true coach. He is candid, yet sincere. He is challenging, yet motivational. Sean definitely takes your "game" to the next level!

Dr. Felicia Cruz-Delgado,
Assistant Principal, Corona-Norco Unified School District

Sean has put us on track to becoming a more productive organization. He presents several different angles to view something and it makes you think in a different manner

Terry Petit,
Director of Field Operations $120 Million Construction Company

Just to say thank you for the coaching over the last few months. It has been an enormous help in moving me to where I needed to be. Under your coaching I was able to test areas of my career and business. By establishing what wasn't working we were able to discover where my true passion and excitements lie. Through the coaching I was able to establish clarity and examine things in depth in order to discount them from my future. I now have a confidence and self image that I have not had before and they are giving me the strength and determination to turn things around for me. Keep up the good work.

Des Taylor,
Managing Director Modern Connections Limited, London

Henry was instrumental in getting my business back on track and moving in a successful direction. Although we knew what we should be doing, the regular meetings with Henry helped us focus, identified our strengths and weaknesses, and forced us to meet our deadlines. Thank you for the valuable advice. 

Best wishes and continued success,

Monique Trottier,
Boxcar Marketing

Dr. Sarver was not only an incredible "mentor" but also a superb role model and an excellent example of a leader and coach.


Dr. Sarver has an amazing way of encouraging and facilitating the growth of his "clients", even when they are unsure of themselves and the given material. I have learned more about myself than I can measure. Now, I not only know what I believe, but can express it with factual evidence and more concretely


Dr. Sarver challenged me to think outside of the box in an organizational sense that fits the non-profit environment we operate in. He challenged me to develop myself and my business. 

Non-Profit Leader


We expanded our operations across the brands with 13 shops in DK, 20 boutiques in Germany and 65 In Norway and closed USD $200 million worth of contracts for the rest of the addition to the business we were already handling. I have just had an even more wild experience using the dream client and best buyer strategy...wanted to let you know! We made a direct mailing to our best buyer group and achieved a direct response of (are you sitting down?): 58% and growing as I write to you. When did anyone get 58% direct response on a direct mailing? This s*** works man!”  

Dennis Lindberg-President, Formio Sequoyah

After CHI built our growth plan and examined every profit driver in our company, we are already amazed at our immediate profit growth as well as the potential. In less than 2 months of working with the CHI team, they have helped us to gain $110,000 in pure realized profit in just one area of our company. They gave us specific direction, we implemented it, and now this will likely gain us more than $260,000 in pure profit, just this year. We are excited and looking forward to our ongoing results in growing our lead generation systems, conversion strategies, reducing cancellations, and greatly increasing the revenue and profitability of our company.

William & Gregory P. A
Privately-Held Financial Education Company

Grant Henderson's coaching has been instrumental in CADsoft Consulting's success over the past 2 years.  He has provided guidance and objective input on our strategic initiatives, hiring as well as day to day operations.

We had our first coaching session with Grant in Feb of 2011.  Our gross revenue for 2010 was $6.4m.  With Grant’s coaching, In 2011 we grew it to $9.3m and grew it again to $10.8m in 2012.  Our Q1 revenue for 2013 is $4.25m and we are on track to do $12m.  In addition to our financial success, we recently received 2 prestigious awards from Autodesk, our primary vender - "New US Billings % Growth" and "Americas Partner of the Year".

We look at Grant not only as a coach, but as an extension of our team.  I highly recommend Grant to any business owner wanting to take their business to the next level.

Tim Duncan

We expanded our operations across the brands with 13 shops in DK, 20 boutiques in Germany and 65 In Norway and closed USD $200 million worth of contracts for the rest of the addition to the business we were already handling. I have just had..
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Dennis Lindberg, President Formio Sequoyah


Chet's programs are simple and easy to implement, but powerful. I worked on a project with Chet where sales increased by 700% in just two years. He's one smart Guerrilla and you will be too if you get his programs...
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Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:34 PM