Super Strategist of the Fortune 500

During Chet Holmes amazing career he worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America's top marketing executive, trainer, strategic consultant and motivation expert. He identified and developed The 12 Core Competencies that have been proven to provide the main structure of truly great companies.  He also developed more than fifty proprietary implementation methods to see these ideas actually take root and grow.

The realization of Chet's discoveries came to full fruition while running nine divisions of a company for Charlie Munger (on the Forbes "Billionaires" list, partner of Warren Buffett). Chet Holmes doubled the sales volume of each division, most within only 12 to 15 months, continuing strategic growth in several divisions and again doubling sales for several years consecutively. Charlie once called Chet, "America's greatest sales and marketing executive."

"It was all in the constant focus on the 12 competencies," explained Chet. These 12 competencies became the foundation for more than 65 training products now selling in 23 countries. Chet authored the best-selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine (#1 business book on Amazon, #1 Sales and Marketing book on Amazon, and also on NY Times best seller list). Chet also authored the Business Growth Masters Series (with Jay Abraham), Mega Marketing and Sales and Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master (with Jay Levinson).

Industry Week named him "one of the top change experts in the country." Success Magazine said, "Chet Holmes breaks sales records wherever he goes." He was also written about in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and more than 50 other publications. His client list included: American Express, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Pac Bell, Estee Lauder, Thomson International, Merrill Lynch, Solomon Brothers, W.R. Grace, Citibank, Cosmair, Banker's Trust, Xerox and many more. He designed more than 500 advertising campaigns and hundreds of sales systems in hundreds of different industries and earned fees that exceeded $1 million from a single client.

Also a karate master (Chet studied and taught karate for 23 years), Chet used to say, "Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things, it's about doing 12 things, 4000 times each."  Chet catapulted his clients beyond their competition.

"When you see how methodical Chet's approach is, you understand instantly how he can assure dramatic sales increases. Chet is a very brilliant man in his discipline. He's a very strategic-minded person, but his even stronger suit is figuring out the systems, the process, and the procedures that drive, sustain, maintain and replicate a system so a company can grow and become great. This is what I think is missing in most entrepreneurial companies," says Jay Abraham, one of Fortune Magazine's top five business growth gurus.

Chet is also noted by Jay Levinson (famed author of Guerrilla Marketing, and 55 other best-selling books) as "perhaps one of the most prolific creative machines of our time."

With a desire to impact the masses in a positive way, Chet also ventured into feature film producing. He secured a three-contract deal with Warner Brothers as a feature film producer and writer. Chet Holmes was a devoted father and husband, which he called "my best accomplishment." Today his legacy continues with his daughter, Amanda Holmes leading the Chet Holmes International team as Chairman of the Board at CHI.

We expanded our operations across the brands with 13 shops in DK, 20 boutiques in Germany and 65 In Norway and closed USD $200 million worth of contracts for the rest of the addition to the business we were already handling. I have just had..
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Dennis Lindberg, President Formio Sequoyah


Chet's programs are simple and easy to implement, but powerful. I worked on a project with Chet where sales increased by 700% in just two years. He's one smart Guerrilla and you will be too if you get his programs...
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Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:34 PM